Q: I am all for Proposition A it is absolutely needed. As far as Proposition B, I have question. Could the high school be better served building its own stadium with a trach? I know I heard many people in the community asking this and figured I would ask.

A: In regards to building our own high school track, Proposition A ($109m), includes the construction of a new high school track.  So if our Kilgore community voters pass Proposition A this November, KISD will build both a new high school campus and a new high school track.  As for KISD building our own stadium, please understand two quick items:  1) in Texas, all new school district construction and even renovations of athletic stadiums must be listed on bond ballots as separate propositions...stadiums may not be included with the construction/renovation of educational facilities.  This is why KISD has Proposition B which specifically addresses compliance renovations for R.E. St. John Stadium.  And 2), the state of Texas limits the amount of voter-approved debt all school districts may have.  This amount varies from community to community, and often from year to year based on the amount of "Bonding Capacity" a school district's community has.  For KISD to be able to construct a new stadium just for KISD,  we'd have to A) have the available land on which to build the stadium, and B) our community would have to have the ability to incur this additional debt.  For conversation, the optimal acreage needed for stadiums for our size school district is 25 -30 acres (depending on parking requirements) and the current average price for stadiums this size being built right now around the state is anywhere from $20-$25million.  At this current time, given our current bonding capacity and that KISD has prioritized our two highest needs as a new high school facility and renovations/upgrades to Chandler elementary school, there is simply not enough bonding capacity to build our own stadium.

Q: After reading the Kilgore News Herald story today, the comment was made that the “details of the bond are in the community”.  Can you help me find the written details of the bond proposal itself, including any and all supporting documents?

A:We will assume the newspaper articles comment about the details of the bond proposal are in reference to the website KISD is currently creating to help explain 1) the formation of the Critical Needs Assessment Committee, 2) the Proposed Projects included with the November Bond Election, 3) the projected Tax Impact for Both Propositions, and Proposition A and Proposition B, 4) voter information on how to register to vote, and voting locations and dates, and 5) a FAQ/Questions and Answer section to help answer any questions our community may have.  www.kilgoreisdbond2021.com

Q: When will the most recent bonds used to build Kilgore Primary School and Kilgore Middle School be paid?

A: They are scheduled to be paid off in 2037. There is a copy of the district's outstanding debt workbook available on the KISD website at www.kisd.org.

Yes. This has been a recurring topic of discussion with the Kilgore ISD School Board.  While there have been no schematic designs created at this point, it is the unanimous intent of the school board to ultimately design the new high school with the same historical and aesthetic architectural aspects that exist in the current high school.  Specifically, it is the school board’s intent for the new building design to include KHS’s long established arches, it’s traditional roof design, and it’s tried and true Bulldog red/white/grey color schemes.

  • The last to register to vote for the KISD November Bond Election is Monday, October 4.
  • Early Voting will be at different locations depending on whether you live in KISD-Gregg County or KISD-Rusk County and will occur Monday, October 18 - Friday, October 29.
  • Election Day Voting will be at different locations depending on whether you live in KISD-Gregg County or KISD-Rusk County and will be on Tuesday, November 2nd.
  • All voting locations and times can be found here.

  • If the bond passes, plans will immediately go into place to begin setting schedules and budgets for the construction of a new high school building, the energy renovations at Chandler Elementary, and the upgrades to RE St John Stadium.  For Chandler, we’d like to see as much of this renovation take place while students are not in session, so our goal would be to operate either after school hours, or extended breaks such as Christmas Break, Spring Break, and next summer. As for the high school timeline, here is an estimated timeline:
    • November, 2021...bond passes
    • November, 2021 - February, 2022...design phase
    • February, 2022 - June, 2022...construction bid are sent out and finalized
    • Fall, 2022 - construction begins
    • 2024-25...estimated timeline completion and move in
    • Summer 2025...removal of existing high school buildings

This idea was brought up by our Critical Facility Needs Committee and discussed with our KISD School Board.  With the help of the Critical Facility Needs Committee, the KISD school board identified three (3) critical needs as HIGHEST PRIORITY...Kilgore High School, Chandler Elementary School, and RE St John Stadium.  After speaking to the District’s Financial Advisor, it was determined that KISD could not support enough construction & facility renovation bonds to fund the “new construction” of all three (3) Highest Priority Needs.  Therefore, after working with the Critical Needs Committee,  KISD Administration, and the District’s Financial Advisor to work within KISD’s bonding constraints, it was determined that the absolute highest priority would be the construction of a new High School Campus, followed by energy saving renovations to Chandler Elementary Campus, and safety & ADA upgrades to RE St. John Stadium. 

Please remember that about 60% of the high school campus is 89 years old.  Built in 1932, Kilgore High School’s campus was originally built as one campus that housed Kilgore’s Elementary School, its Junior High, and its High School.  These original 1932 classrooms, built to 1932 sizes and educational standards, are still used today to educate approximately 1,200 KHS students each and every day.  Over time, this many students and additional visitors and KHS staff members have taken their toll on the foundational core of this campus.  Ultimately, the responsibility to upkeep Kilgore ISD’s facilities and educational setting integrity falls to your Superintendent of Schools.  Please know that High School campus staff, student, parent, and community tours have already started.  If you would like to receive a high school campus tour, please contact KISD at BondQuestions@kisd.org to set up a tour time, we’d love to show you around.

If the Kilgore community voters approve the November bond election propositions, the new Kilgore High School campus will be built at the same site as the current campus.

One of the options available to Texas school districts with the use of approved bond funds is the purchase of land.  For this to be either a current or future option for any school district, the proposition language on the bond election ballot must include land as a definable purpose.  Kilgore ISD did look to see what land within the KISD school district might be available for purchase but did not find any current land that was believed to be suitable for any currently proposed projects.  Kilgore ISD has been in discussion with the City of Kilgore about the possibility of purchasing city-owned land.  There has been no discussion about Kilgore ISD looking to use eminent domain as a means to acquire land.

In regards to the Kilgore ISD Local Optional Homestead Exemption lawsuit, KISD continues to patiently wait on direction from the courts as to what the next steps will be.  KISD has been notified by the courts that a date has been set for next September to continue this discussion.  Kilgore ISD is anxiously looking forward to this date as it hopefully will provide the needed direction and guidance to help bring a conclusion to this multi-year lawsuit.  Please know that the ongoing LOHE litigation was discussed by the KISD School Board prior to calling for November Bond Election.  However, the needs Assessment Summary presented to the School Board last spring outlined several school district critical needs (condition of the high school campus, need energy upgrades to Chandler Elementary, and accessibility issues at RE St. John Stadium) that the committee believed needed to be addressed immediately.  Given this information, the KISD School Board did call for a November Bond Election in order to let our parents and community members decide if the District's most critical needs should be addressed now.